Stormwater Master Plan

2012 Update and Inventory
St. Pete Beach, Florida

North Lake Park Baseball Field


City of St. Pete Beach


St. Pete Beach, Florida

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Stormwater Master Plan
Update – 2012

Madrid CPWG prepared an update to the City of St. Pete Beach’s 1993 Stormwater Drainage Plan. The primary focus of this Stormwater Master Plan was to update the City’s 1993 Plan, update the City’s GIS stormwater database, prepare recommendations for improvements to reduce flooding in certain drainage basins within the City, and prepare a budget for recommended improvement projects for the City to use for long-range planning. During this master planning process, an in-depth look at the hydrology and hydraulics of 25 drainage basins within the City was performed identifying areas with extensive flooding problems and the causes of those problems. Additionally, water quality issues associated with NPDES and TMDL regulations were reviewed.

Madrid CPWG focus for this Stormwater Master Plan

  • Update GIS stormwater database
  • Prepare recommendations for improvements
  • Prepare a budget for recommended improvements

 Madrid CPWG performed field reconnaissance to identify:

  • Culverts
  • Detention Ponds
  • Control Weirs
  • Inlets
  • Manholes
  • Ditches
  • Outfall Pipes

Madrid CPWG created a stormwater computer model to:

  • Track the quality of runoff
  • Track the quantity of runoff
  • Assess effects of stormwater, tidewater, and sewer overflows
  • Test potential of stormwater controls

 Madrid CPWG recommended improvements included:

  • Public information process
  • Removal of marine growth in the outfall pipes
  • Backflow prevention devices at the outfalls
  • Stormwater pump station

Madrid CPWG recommended Stormwater Pump Stations with backup generators at the outfall pipes for flooding reduction during major storm events, especially during high tides and king tides.