159th and 161st Avenue Causeway

Seawall Restoration and Repair
Redington Beach, Florida

North Lake Park Baseball Field


City of Redington Beach


Redington Beach, Florida

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159th and 161st Avenue Causeway
Seawall Restoration and Repair

Madrid CPWG was contracted by the city of Redington Beach to prepare construction guidance documents for the restoration and/or repair of the seawalls along the 59th Avenue and 161st Avenue causeways. The existing seawalls were demonstrating signs of deterioration caused by exposure to saltwater and weather.

Redington Beach seawalls showed damage from:

  • Exposure to saltwater and weather
  • Barnacles attached to the wall
  • Being struck by objects

Our Project Engineer conducted a site visit to assess the existing conditions, conduct a field survey to identify property corners, the existence of outfall pipes, and the water depth from the top of the existing seawall. After performing the assessment, construction plans were developed for bidding purposes. After the plans were approved by the City Engineer they were released for bid.

Madrid CPWG Seawall Plan Called for Removal and Replacement of

  • 870 Feet of Existing Seawall Cap
  • Sidewalks
  • Park Bench Slabs
  • The Existing Grass
  • Irrigation Systems

The existing seawall was replaced or repaired with the void cell between the new vinyl and the old wall panel filled with concrete. All barnacles on the existing wall and within the filler concrete area were removed by the contractor prior to installing the vinyl panels. Existing landscaping was replaced and the backfill was replaced with shell mulch.

After the construction bid was awarded, Madrid CPWG provided construction management and observation of the selected contractor. We initially provided daily visits as the contractor mobilized and began construction (5 work days). After the first week, the level of required observation and management was reduced based on recommendations of the Madrid CPWG Project Engineer and City Engineer.

The Madrid CPWG plan called for the removal and replacement of 870 feet of the existing seawall cap, sidewalks, park bench slabs, existing grass, and irrigation systems.