Archibald Memorial Beach Park

Park Design
Madeira Beach, Florida

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Archibald Memorial Beach Park
Park Design

The Madrid CPWG design for the Archibald Memorial Beach Park beautification project enhanced the functionality and visual appeal of the existing park by adding parking lots with beautiful lighting, landscaping, beach walkovers, automated parking meters, a dumpster facility, stormwater facilities, and pavers at the beach showers. The restroom facilities were refurbished to add to the convenience of park visitors.

The Madrid CPWG design included the renovation of two existing buildings. The first building, known as the ‘Snack Shack’ served as the hub of the park, primarily as a location to serve snacks and concessions to beach patrons. The scope of work included repair and renovation of building’s exterior façade, providing safe stairway access to the second floor loft and retrofitting the concession area. Improvements included new deep fryers, additional ventilation options, updated electrical and plumbing. The second building renovated was a public restroom bathhouse. The scope of work included upgraded plumbing fixtures, casework, and replacement of the existing doors. The utilities along Gulf Blvd were placed underground to allow the park’s natural beauty to shine.

Project tasks performed were based on the principles of sustainably-driven conceptual planning, ecologically focused landscape design, and value engineering. Our team performed preliminary design; alternative analysis; and produced civil site construction plans that incorporated updated project landscaping with associated irrigation plans. The plan also included specialized lighting to avoid disturbing nesting sea turtles.

The Madrid CPWG designed improvements included:

  • Restaurant Remodel
  • Tiki Bar Design
  • Pavilion Design
  • Restroom Facility Re-design
  • Parking Lot Design
  • Beach Crossover Design to Preserve Native Plants
  • Ecologically Focused Landscape Design
  • Turtle Safe Lighting
  • Automated Parking Meters
  • Underground Electrical Utility Design
  • Local and State Agency Permitting
  • Alternative Analysis
  • Value Engineering

The Madrid CPWG Snack Shack design used bright colors and improved access routes to provide a welcoming destination for park visitors.