NPDES Consulting Services—Stormwater Master Plan and Facility Survey

Madeira Beach, FL

North Lake Park Baseball Field

NPDES Services

The Madrid CPWG Stormwater Management team was engaged by the City of Madeira Beach to provide the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) services.  The goal of our service was to ensure the city maintained compliance as a co-permittee of the Pinellas County Cycle 3 NPDES permit.  To achieve our goal we assisted the city with the following stormwater-related services.

  • Annual Reporting
  • Coordination as a Co-Permittee with Pinellas County
  • Consulting on Cycle 3 NPDES additional permit requirements
  • Creation of a City-specific Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP)
  • Creation of City-specific SOP’s for NPDES related operations
  • Review of the City’s landscape ordinance
  • Operational support related to NPDES Permit
NPDES Basin Survey, Madeira Beach, Florida

The Madrid CPWG team identified and prioritized stormwater improvement recommendations for the City of Madeira Beach.

The Madrid CPWG Stormwater Management team performed field reconnaissance for each drainage basin to verify existing conditions. Field notes were taken to document the location, type, size, length and, number of structures (culverts, detention ponds, control weirs, inlets, manholes, and ditches, etc.). Photographs were taken of each drainage structure to document the condition of the structure at the time of the field investigation.

Madrid CPWG engineers used the collected data to create a computer model to simulate flooding events for certain storm events. The 25-year, 24-hour storm event (9-inches of rain within 24-hours) was chosen to identify the flooding risk within the drainage basins. The model allowed our team to track the quantity and quality of runoff created within each sub-basin. The resulting model allowed our Engineers and Planners to accurately represent any combination of stormwater controls within the study area to determine their effectiveness in managing stormwater, tidewater, and sewer overflows.

Based on the results the CPWG Stormwater Management team developed the following recommendations:

  • Create public education and outreach program plans to encourage citizens to identify and eliminate sources of pollution
  • Removal of marine growth that occurs in each of the City’s outfall points into the bay
  • Installation of backflow prevention devices at the outfalls to reduce inundation from the bay during high tides and storm surge events.
  • Install Stormwater Pump Stations with backup generator at the outfall pipes for flooding reduction during major storm events, especially during high tides.