Howell Creek Basin

Regional Stormwater Facility

Casselberry, Florida

Howell Creek Basin

Regional Stormwater Facility

The primary objective of this project was to design and permit a regional stormwater facility (RSF) on the County parcel prior to its discharge to Lake Howell.  Construction plans and specifications for the proposed RSF were prepared. Permitting was done through the St. Johns River Water Management District. Public opinion was important to this project, and several public presentations were conducted.

The Madrid CPWG designed stormwater facility  the addressed the following areas:

  • Flooding Issues
  • Water Quality Treatment
  • Erosion
  • Sedimentation Control

Madrid CPWG Stormwater Management Team tasks:

  • Data Collection and Review
  • Soil Survey and Geotechnical Data
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Evaluation
  • Environmental and Regulatory Permitting

The Madrid CPWG project specifications included

  •  A Re-Evaluation of the Existing Outfall Infrastructure
  • Topographical Survey of Project Area
  •  Geotechnical Investigation of the Subsurface
  • Installation of a Gage Station to Evaluate Water Flow and Quality

The Madrid CPWG project design included

  • A Regional Stormwater Facility
  • A Public Access Boat Ramp
  • Limited Boat Trailer Parking


    Seminole County


    Casselberry, Florida

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    Our team designed a water monitoring program that included the installation of an automatic gage station to evaluate flow and water quality of the existing stormwater discharge.
    Howell Creek Regional Stormwater Facility, Seminole County

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