Central Florida Parkway

Roadway Improvements
Longwood, Florida

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City of Longwood


Longwood, Florida

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Central Florida Parkway
Roadway Improvements

Madrid CPWG was contracted by the City of Longwood to provide design services for the Central Florida Parkway area pavement rehabilitation project.  The City asked to repave an existing roadway to FDOT structural standards because of the large number of trucks that use these roadways. Stormwater piping was added to connect to the regional stormwater pond designed by others. The goal of the project was to provide a mill and surface design that would accommodate the heavy freight traffic in the area, while also incorporating improved drainage, additional sidewalks, and landscaped medians. Madrid CPWG project responsibilities included design and permitting.

The project included roadway improvements in the following corridors:

  • Central Florida Parkway (SR 434 to south cul-de-sac) 4,000 LF (Linear Feet)
  • Commerce Way (Central Florida Parkway to west cul-de-sac) – 1,200 LF
  • Bennett Drive (west cul-de-sac through Central Florida Parkway to the south connection at North Street) 3,900 LF

The Madrid CPWG Design Included:

  • Heavy Freight Traffic Roadway Design
  • Improved Drainage
  • Additional Sidewalks
  • Landscaped Medians

Madrid CPWG Aided Cooperation Between Stakeholders:

  • Attended Multiple Meetings with City Staff
  • Promptly Answered the Client’s RAI (Request for Additional Information)
  • Attended Public Awareness Meetings
  • Prepared Public Awareness Materials

The Madrid CPWG design improved the roadway to FDOT standards to accommodate increased heavy freight traffic on the roadway.