FDOT District 5
CEI Group 130 Continuing Services

FDOT District 5, Florida

North Lake Park Baseball Field


Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District 5


FDOT District 5, Florida

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FDOT District 5
CEI Group 130 Continuing Contract

Madrid CPWG was requested to provide full-time field inspection and testing services for new construction in the Florida Department of Transportation’s District 5. Inspection and testing services provided by Madrid CPWG over the duration of this contract included earthwork construction, asphalt paving, concrete field, and drilled shaft, with the majority of the services provided along State Road 600 (John Young Parkway) in Orlando, Florida.

One full time engineering inspector was on-site throughout the duration of the contract; however, during more labor-intensive construction operations and activities, Madrid CPWG provided up to three inspectors at the request of the client.

Traffic will be slowed to allow drivers more time to look at businesses using three roundabouts along the route that will still allow traffic to flow smoothly. Parking has been added along the streets to allow visitors to stop and patronize local shops and restaurants. The entire area will receive a makeover with verdant landscaping using Florida friendly plants to provide shade and beauty along the route, park benches to enjoy the view, stylized LED lighting, and other visual amenities.

Madrid CPWG Approach

At the request of the client, Madrid CPWG maintained a full-time field inspector for the duration of this contract, and never failed to meet the demands of the schedule, at times working both day and night to cover construction inspection of the varied operations underway. All work was completed in-house.

Madrid CPWG Benefit

The location of the Madrid CPWG home office is in the heart of Polk County; however, Madrid CPWG maintains certified field inspectors across much of central Florida, including the Orlando area, and along the perimeter of Polk County. Because of this, we are able to rapidly deploy inspectors over large areas of not only FDOT District 1, but also Districts 5 and 7. We maintain an excellent working relationship with the FDOT, as well as contractors, and consistently provide exceptional service.

In January of 2018, Madrid CPWG was invited to participate in a new continuing services contract for FDOT District 5 because of the exceptional service provided during this contract.