Heritage Park

CONSOLID Roadway Application
Lakeland, Florida

North Lake Park Baseball Field

Heritage Park
CONSOLID Roadway Application

Madrid CPWG demonstrated the cost-saving benefits of CONSOLID nanotechnology on a Homeowner Association’s roadway project in Lakeland. This is the third project in Florida and only the fourth in the United States.


The 700-foot long road was originally constructed 5 years ago. It had 1.5 inches of asphalt, underlain by 6 inches of limerock, which was underlain by compacted very clayey sand. The clay held water and kept the limerock wet, causing a loss of strength. The road almost immediately began to exhibit cracking and yielding, and about two years ago they patched the worst area. When that broke up again, they called us and we evaluated it. The normal “fix” would have been to remove the soil down to about 3 feet and replace it with sand, including underdrains on both sides of the street. Then, rebuild the road with limestone or crushed concrete base and top with asphalt. The contractor said that would have cost about $240,000.

Madrid CPWG Approach

We recommended chemical stabilization of the existing soft soil using a combination of SOLIDRY Powder and CONSOLID 444 Liquid. Our team added the SOLIDRY powder to the soil and mixed a 1.0% CONSOLID into the top 12 inches. The base was compacted and asphalt was applied.

Madrid CPWG Benefit

The cost to the homeowner’s association was about $80,000, so it was a substantial cost saving. Moreover, the road will be about twice as strong as it was before. It will also be water-resistant (hydrophobic), which is important due to the high water conditions at this site. We think the road will perform extremely well compared to any other stabilization method.

Madrid CPWG’s used CONSOLID to stabilize the existing soil reduce project costs from $240,000 to $80,000 and resulted in a stronger, more water-resistant road base.