Lake Roberts
Hydrologic and Nutrient Budget Study

Orange County, Florida

North Lake Park Baseball Field


Orange County, Environmental Protection Division (EPD)


Orange County, Florida

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Lake Roberts

CPWG worked with Orange County to complete a nutrient/ hydrologic budget and water quality treatment plan of Lake Roberts. Lake Roberts is a 107-acre water body with a perimeter of 13,200-ft located approximately 10 miles northwest of downtown Orlando and just southwest of the City of Winter Garden.

Hydrologic and nutrient budgets were developed for Lake Roberts to identify significant pollution sources and to provide a ranking of watershed areas with respect to annual mass loadings and areal loadings. The primary objective of this project is to quantify pollutant loadings to the lake and identify areas or opportunities where nutrient load reductions could be achieved to improve water quality within the lake. The study was also to collect sufficient water data to allow analyses of the sub-basins contributing to Lake Roberts and to evaluate alternative lake outfall designs.

The study showed that phosphorus and nitrogen inputs into Lake Roberts occur through many sources, including bulk precipitation, stormwater runoff, overland flow, groundwater seepage, and internal recycling.  Our engineers developed a water quality management plan to identify specific projects and recommendations designed to maintain and improve water quality in Lake Roberts.

The project included:

  • A 12-month field monitoring program
    • Surface water data collection
    • Groundwater seepage data collection
    • Sediment characteristics
    • Dry and wet seasons conditions
  • Sediment characteristics evaluation
    • Physical/chemical characterization of surficial sediments
    • Evaluation of internal phosphorus recycling
  • Water quality management plan included
    • Developing ordinances
    • Restricting lawn maintenance activities
    • Public education campaigns
    • Re-establishment of naturally vegetated shorelines
    • Restricting boating activities in shallow areas of the lake
    • Structural modifications
Madrid CPWG engineers used the collected data to develop a comprehensive water quality management plan that included both non-structural and structural activities.