Pass-a-Grille Way Phase II
Utility Undergrounding

St. Pete Beach, Florida

North Lake Park Baseball Field

Pass-a-Grille Way
Undergrounding Conversion

CPWG Engineering assisted the City of St. Pete Beach to design underground utilities, LED lighting, and landscaping along Pass-a-Grille Way.

Main project tasks:

  • Coordinate with local property owners to obtain easements or find alternate locations for transformer and switch box locations.
  • Coordinate with utility companies to facilitate the conversion from overhead to underground utilities
  • Coordinate with the public regarding lighting enhancement and other amenities.
  • Construction administration services for Phase 1 of the project. Phase 1 consisted of Pass a Grille Way from W. Maritana Drive to 18th Avenue (approximately 5,000 linear feet)

Utility Coordination 

  • Developed a location plan for conduits, transformers, and switchgear.
  • Developed a location plan for the desired easements
  • Obtained a binding cost estimate for the undergrounding
  • Discussed construction and bidding options

Public Awareness

Public awareness is crucial to any project that will disrupt people’s lives during the construction phase. The team made presentations explaining the projects to the City Planning Board, Historic Preservation Board, and the Pass-a-Grille Area Adhoc Group.

The team coordinated with City representatives to work with property owners to obtain easements and keep the public informed. The houses and businesses along Pass-a-Grille Way had meters that were fed from the above-ground wires. Each of these service connections was converted to underground wires to the building structure and the meter was converted to a below-ground meter feed.

Madrid CPWG worked with the City staff to coordinate with local property owners to obtain easements or find alternate locations for transformer and switch box locations.