Pass-a-Grille Way Phase II
Infrastructure Improvements

St. Pete Beach, Florida

North Lake Park Baseball Field

Pass-a-Grille Way Phase II
Infrastructure Improvements

Madrid CPWG engineers evaluated and designed improvements for the City of St. Pete Beach along Pass-a-Grille Way (PAGW) between 19th Avenue at the north end and 1st Avenue at the south end (approximately 5,100 linear feet). Roadway reconstruction included updated bicycle lanes, improved pedestrian safety infrastructure, and resurfacing of the roadway. All utilities along the corridor were placed underground. The existing stormwater system was redesigned with upsized pipes, additional inlets, baffle boxes and Tideflex devices on all designed outfalls and the addition of a new stormwater pump station near 1st Avenue. The Madrid CPWG designed and CPWG Constructors built improvements included:

Utility Improvements

    • Overhead power and communication lines to underground
    • Designed residential conversion to underground feeds
    • Designed streelight and pole replacement
    • Obtained easements for project

Roadway Redesign

    • Redesigned 5,100 l.f. of roadway
    • Complete Streets design

Water and Reclaimed Water Replacement

    • Replaced 5,500 l.f. of 16″ water main with 8″ “high” line
    • Water line deflections
    • Replaced reclaimed water lines

Wastewater Replacement/Improvements

    • Replaced manholes from 12th to 19th
    • Rehabilitated manholes from 1st to 12th
    • 2,900 l.f. of new gravity sewer main upgrades
    • 2,200 l.f. of new gravity sewer linings
    • New laterals and lined manholes
    • Connections to pump station

Stormwater Replacement/Improvements

    • Replaced 5,500 l.f. stormwater lines
    • Added stormwater pump station
    • Added 12 baffle boxes and 12 Tideflex devices
Madrid CPWG saved the City of St. Pete Beach money and time by designing simultaneous improvements to the roadway, water, sewer, stormwater, and electrical undergrounding.