Gulf Boulevard Phase I

Utility Undergrounding
Madeira Beach, Florida

North Lake Park Baseball Field

Gulf Boulevard Phase I
Undergrounding Conversion

Madrid CPWG was engaged by the City of Madeira Beach to design their Gulf Blvd Utility Undergrounding Phase 1 project focused on updated roadways, sidewalks, and relocation of utilities underground. The resulting design created significant improvements to the aesthetics of utilities in the corridor. The design included moving overhead electrical and cable wires underground, replacing old light fixtures with new light fixtures, replacing wood poles with concrete poles, landscaping the new safety medians, and Local Agency Project (LAP) services for a full mill and resurface the corridor.

The Madrid CPWG team also helped the city to obtain easements or find alternate locations for transformers and switchboxes by coordinating with the public regarding lighting enhancement and other amenities. We were also able to assist by coordinating with utility companies to facilitate the conversion to underground utilities and provide construction administration.

Madrid CPWG Designed Aesthetic Improvements

  • Overhead to Undergrounding Electrical and Cable Wires
  • Replacing Old Lights with Mongoose Light Fixtures
  • Replacing Wood Poles with Concrete Poles
  • Landscaping the New Safety Medians

Local Agency Program (LAP) Project Coordination

  • Full mill and resurface of roadway
  • Obtain easements for transformers and switchboxes
  • Facilitate overhead to underground utility conversion
  • Public involvement regarding lighting enhancement
  • Construction administration

Madrid CPWG project Management Team coordinated

  • Underground Design
  • Plans Creation
  • Permitting
  • RFQ development

Madrid CPWG Plans Covered Reconstruction or Replacement of

  • Transformers
  • Sidewalk
  • Driveways
  • Curb And Gutter
  • Damaged Landscaping

Madrid CPWG updated the city’s website with information that explained the advantages and disadvantages of placing utilities underground, anticipated timeline, and anticipated costs.