80th Avenue Living Shoreline

Coastal Resiliency Project

St. Pete Beach, Florida

80th Avenue Living Shoreline

Coastal Resiliency Project

Madrid CPWG was tasked to provide a design concept and final design/permitting of a Living Shoreline in a small community park maintained by the City of St. Pete Beach on 80th Avenue. The City continues to explore and implement coastal resiliency through Engineering with Nature. The living shoreline is to replace the existing concrete seawall on this park. The conventional way of controlling erosion is using hard structures or concrete seawall for shoreline protection. The project also created a shallow stormwater pond using Low Impact Design to increase water quality treatment of the stormwater runoff before it enters Boca Ciega Bay.

The project objective is adapting to different coastal hazards while providing and fostering habitats for a vital ecosystem. Madrid CPWG went through various engineering and ecological design requirements adopting different approaches and concepts, permitting requirements, the influence of cost on the project and available funding sources, and collaborations with stakeholders and various professionals in our design team.

Key Features of the project include:

  • Multiple soil retention options
  • Native plantings of grasses, mangroves, and groundcovers
  • Multiple artificial reef options
  • Information pedestal
  • Stormwater outfall with rip rap
  • Manatee protection barrier


      City of St. Pete Beach


      City of St. Pete Beach, Florida

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      The living shoreline plans are designed to implement coastal resiliency through Engineering with Nature.

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