Summit Office Building

Lakeland, Florida

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Daniel Corporation
Birmingham, Alabama


Lakeland, Florida

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Summit Office Building
Geotech, CEI, Lab Testing and Threshold Inspection

Madrid CPWG completed a geotechnical investigation consisting of SPT soil borings, a pavement core, stormwater vault analysis, shallow and deep foundation analyses, and laboratory testing to support the Civil Engineering design for a proposed new 9-story office building in Lakeland, Florida.  The bottom 4 floors (including one partially below grade) consists of parking garage and the upper floors will be office space.  The building plan covered most of a city block.

The building was constructed within 5 feet of a historic underground concrete Loggia structure and less than 30 feet from a historic retaining wall along the west shore of Lake Mirror.  Madrid CPWG was the geotechnical EOR for this project which included over 300 aggregate pier (stone column) installations and a series of rigid inclusion installations near the Loggia.

Madrid CPWG Approach

Madrid CPWG provided recommendations for both deep and shallow foundations for this structure. Madrid CPWG realized a large potential cost savings for foundation construction if shallow foundations could be utilized, which would require soil improvement to improve the bearing capacity and limit settlement.

Aggregate piers were selected as the soil improvement method but vibrations needed to be kept to a minimum near the sensitive historic structures very close by (as close as 3.5 feet at one corner) and rigid inclusions were selected for foundations in that area to eliminate vibration issues.  We completed visual inspections of the historic structures and monitored vibration levels throughout construction.  Our team also performed threshold inspections for this structure which included structural inspection of the following building components:

  • Foundations
    • Spread Footings
    • Mat Foundation
    • Wall Footings
  • Concrete Slabs
    • Slab on Grade
    • Structural Slab
    • Ramps
  • Columns
    • Concrete Columns
    • Steel Columns
  • Walls
    • Concrete Walls
    • Reinforced Masonry Walls
  • Beams
    • Concrete Beams
    • Steel Beams
  • Post Tension
    • Slabs
    • Beams
    • Barrier Cables