Southeastern University Building Expansion

Lakeland, Florida

North Lake Park Baseball Field


Southeastern University


Lakeland, Florida

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Southeastern University
Building Extension

Madrid CPWG was asked to assist with foundation design for a building expansion at Southeastern University. The project involved constructing a new building adjacent to, and even spanning over, an existing building without affecting the existing building.

The design had already been completed and construction was underway when Madrid CPWG was called in for geotechnical support. The previous geotechnical engineer was not familiar with the foundation system and there were concerns with the system’s ability to support the loads. Madrid CPWG performed geotechnical testing including SPT borings and CPT soundings to further explore subsurface conditions. Madrid CPWG worked directly with the design team, specifically with structural engineers out of California, to develop a foundation solution.

Madrid CPWG Approach

Madrid CPWG verified soil conditions with our own testing, developed an innovative foundation solution using Grouted PulldownTM Micropile system for the larger loads, and recommended a fulcrum-type approach to the foundation layout along the portion immediately adjacent to existing footings for better load transfer. Madrid CPWG also provided recommendations for stabilizing the existing building footings and excavation support during construction. Finally, Madrid CPWG was asked to monitor the demonstration pile and all production piles during construction in order to certify the specialty foundation system.

Madrid CPWG Benefit

Our previous experience with the foundation system and our collaboration with the structural engineers developed a cost-effective viable solution to a very complicated and challenging project. We were able to perform field testing, assist with the foundation design, and implement the construction in a very accelerated schedule resulting in minimal delay to the overall construction schedule which had already begun before we were called to assist. The result was a successfully completed project within budget that was winner of the ASCE Ridge Branch Project of the Year in 2017.