Minneola Athletic Complex (MAC)
Athletic Field and Amenity Design

Lake County (Minneola), Florida

North Lake Park Baseball Field

Athletic Complex

The Minneola Athletic Complex project involved adding new amenities to an existing park. The project involved the design of a new softball field, parking area, sidewalks, lighting, stormwater facilities, and wetland enhancements. The other amenities at the park include playgrounds, a community building, and multiple fields. The Madrid CPWG design included site grading, stormwater design/permitting, roadway/parking design, and wetland issues.

Our project staff performed all necessary design, analysis, and production of construction plans for the project civil site, irrigation and site lighting elements. Drawing production was completed in AutoCAD format. Our team also coordinated meetings with permit agencies. Our staff also assisted the County with bid solicitation, responding to bidder questions, reviewing all received bids, and providing a selection recommendation to the County.

The Madrid CPWG designed improvements include:

  • Athletic field design
    • Multi-use fields
    • Baseball fields
    • Softball fields
    • T-ball fields
    • Tennis courts
    • Basketball courts
    • Volleyball courts
  • Field Seating
  • Field lighting design
  • Picnic Pavilion design
  • Playground design
  • Added ADA Lift to Existing Building
  • Parking lot and lighting design
  • Roadway design
  • Paved trail design
  • Irrigation design
  • Site design and grading
  • Utility design (water, sewer, & power)
  • Stormwater design
  • Stormwater permitting
  • Wetland assessment

Madrid CPWG designed new softball fields, parking area, sidewalks, lighting, stormwater facilities, and wetland enhancements.