Big Econ River Water Sampling

Orange County, Florida

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Orange County, Environmental Protection Division (EPD)


Orlando, Florida

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Big Econ River

Orange County Environmental Protection Division (EPD) requested Madrid CPWG conduct 12 months of surface water sampling along a 3-mile stretch of the Econlockhatchee River (Big Econ River).  Our team’s goal was to collect and analyze samples from this section of the river to obtain water quality background data prior to the construction of the proposed Lake Pickett North and Lake Pickett South subdivisions.  The Big Econ River (WBID 2991) in Orange County is currently impaired for Fecal Coliform and Mercury.  This study was important to understanding the river’s current water quality prior to the impact that thousands of septic tanks may have on the river.  Additionally, the sample collected at the county line provided Orange County knowledge of pollutant loadings to the river at the Seminole County line.

CPWG Environmental and Water Resource experts, along with TEAM Engineering, conducted monthly surface water samples over a 12 month period at four locations in the Big Econ River.  The discharge measurements were performed according to USGS, WRD standards as outlined in the Geological Survey Water-Supply Paper 2175 “Measurement and computation of Streamflow”. During each monthly monitoring event, field measurements of pH, temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and ORP were conducted at 0.5-meter intervals from the surface to the river bottom.  A measurement of Secchi disk depth was performed at each site during each monitoring event.  Collected data was entered into the Orange County EPD Field Data Sheet.

Designed a 12-Month Field Monitoring Program to

  • Collect Data on Fecal Coliform Levels
  • Identify Pollution Characteristics
  • Identify Effects of Population Growth Along the River

The monitoring program consisted of:

  • Sample Point Selection
  • Surface Water Sample Collection
  • Surface Water Analysis
Madrid CPWG conducted a 12-month study to identify the effects of population growth along the Big Econ river.