Branson Creek

Roundabout and Ozark National Parking Lot
Hollister, Missouri

North Lake Park Baseball Field


Ozarks Golf & Hunt Club, LLC


Hollister, Taney County, Missouri

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Branson Creek
Roundabout and Ozark National Parking Lot

CPWG provided civil engineering and surveying services required for the construction of a proposed roundabout on Branson Creek Boulevard as well as a new parking lot for Ozark National Golf Course located in Hollister, Taney County, Missouri.

Roadway Design and Permitting

  • Roundabout Analysis
  • Roadway Plans
    • Roundabout
    • Parking Lot
    • Dimensioning of the project site
    • Building dimensions
    • Parking layout
    • Drive aisles
  • Paving, Grading, and Drainage Plans
  • Storm Water Detention Plan
  • Site Utility Conduit Plan
  • Signage Plan
  • Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Plan
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

Surveying and Mapping

  • A topographic survey of the above-ground man-made or natural
  • Accessible drainage structures, gravity sewer lines, and associated pipes were located and detailed.
  • Utility valves, transformers, or fire hydrants were located.
  • Two site benchmarks were established for this project.
  • All trees over 6” diameter were located with size and type
  • The topographic survey added to the base map
  • The topographic survey provided in digital format
  • Construction staking was performed

Construction Administration

  • Review contractor submittals
  • Provide change order documentation
  • Attend site meetings during construction
  • Provide as-built drawings
  • Provide Statement of Work Completed documentation