Ariana Street Sidewalk

Geotechnical Investigation and Laboratory Testing

Lakeland, Florida

Ariana Street Sidewalk

Geotechnical Investigation and Laboratory Testing

Madrid CPWG completed a geotechnical investigation consisting of soil borings (hand auger and SPT borings), pavement cores (requiring maintenance of traffic) and laboratory testing to support the Civil Engineering design for a proposed sidewalk construction project along Ariana Street between S. Wabash Avenue and Lotus Avenue in Lakeland, Florida. The project included over 430 feet of cast-in-place retaining walls (gravity walls). The scope included a Roadway Soil Survey Report and a Retaining Wall Letter Report as well as Report of Core Borings for the retaining wall.

Madrid CPWG Approach. Upon completion of borings for gravity walls, slightly organic to organic silty sands were encountered in some areas.  Based on the lab testing, the organic material contents ranged from 3 to 9%. According to FDOT’s Indexes, soils with organic test values over 4% shall not be used in the subgrade portion of the sidewalk. Madrid CPWG performed bearing capacity, settlement, and slope stability analyses to evaluate conditions in the problematic areas

Madrid CPWG Benefit. Madrid CPWG performed various analyses, particularly in the areas of the retaining walls, and was able to determine that fill in these areas is anticipated to be minimal (less than 1 feet) and the organic soils encountered will not be within the subgrade portion of the sidewalk. Therefore, the organic soils encountered can remain in place, and we recommended that is was not necessary to over-excavate and replace these soils, saving time and money during construction.

Madrid CPWG saved the County time and money by determining that there was no need to over-excavate the area to replace organic soils.

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