Tampa Regional Resiliency Leadership Summit

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Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Leadership Summit

Madrid CPWG is proud to be a sponsor of the Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Leadership Summit.  Attendance was great and the discussion has been insightful.  On the first day, select Mayors, City, and County Commissioners spoke. Florida State Representative Ben Diamond and FDOT District 7 Secretary Gwynn added their voices to the summit. We’re very excited to see what will come out of the summit.

Excerpt from https://www.tbrpc.org/summit2022/  describing the event.

At the first Leadership Summit, we heard from national and international leaders in resiliency while engaging in a dialog about new and innovative programs, strategies, and policies that our local leaders can implement in their communities to create a more resilient Tampa Bay.

Our 2nd Leadership Summit will take it to the next level as we unveil the efforts, progress, and work that has taken place since the first summit with the introduction of the DRAFT Regional Resiliency Action Plan (RRAP). Summit attendees and sponsors will participate in a historic event to solidify this resiliency plan for future generations to come. And like the first event, the agenda will be comprised of local leaders and experts in the field of resiliency and climate change and will specifically address issues such as storm water, flooding, heat, sea level rise, etc. that affect our region and how best we can work together to address those issues.

The Leadership Summit will also host the 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council taking place on the evening of April 5 as well as the Annual Future of the Region Awards which will be the highlight of the Leadership Summit luncheon on April 6.

Your voice and expertise are needed at this milestone event. Please take advantage of the Early Bird rates and join us for the Regional Resiliency Leadership Summit, The Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council’s Diamond Jubilee Reception, and the 28th Annual Future of the Region Awards honoring resiliency projects and programs throughout the Tampa Bay region.