is a system used worldwide to chemically/physically stabilize road bases by increasing strength and reducing both capillarity and permeability. It greatly reduces roadway maintenance costs and increases lifecycle value for infrastructure projects.

Technical Representative 

Mr. Salvador Giron, managing partner for CONSOLID-USA, and Mr. Javier Batlle, Manager of Compacsis (Barcelona Spain) announce that Madrid Engineering Group, Inc. has been named the Technical Representative for their soil stabilization product throughout the United States.  CONSOLID is primarily used to stabilize road beds, although it has many engineering and infrastructure applications.

Madrid Engineering has completed testing on the product (see link below) for Florida roads, and has access to the worldwide materials database and expertise for any roadway application.  In addition to the United States, Madrid may assist with projects worldwide.  We offer PowerPoint presentations (including webinars), and can also provide sample CONSOLID product for your own lab testing.

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CONSOLID  is a soil/rock additive that chemically alters and stabilizes in-place soils to be used as a road base. While there are many similar products available that purport to increase the strength of soils, this is the only product we are aware of that strengthens AND addresses permanent water resistance for road bases (reduces capillarity and water infiltration.

CONSOLID was developed in Switzerland and has been used worldwide for roadway stabilization over the past 40 years.  By preparing the road base, applying the two-part system (powder and liquid polymer), mixing, and compacting, the road is stronger and water-resistant, which means its engineering properties change very little over time.  The implications are for longer-lasting roads and less maintenance, even in situations where roads are inundated part of the year.

The Results

In 1992, the New Orleans branch of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) used CONSOLID to treat the upper 10 inches of a Mississippi River levee embankment in Gratna, Louisiana. After the treatment, an asphalt chip seal surface was placed over the CONSOLID road base. At the end of the three-year test period, the levee was still in excellent condition. In the words of the USACE  engineer, “…the crown road is in excellent shape and shows no sign of deterioration or breakdown of the CONSOLID base since its placement approximately 3 years ago.

When the road was reinspected in 2020, the CONSOLID road base remained in excellent condition. The CONSOLID roadway base remained intact without requiring any additional maintenance, even after four major hurricanes.

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CONSOLID Applications

How Does It Work?


A natural chemical substance that reduces the capillary rise of water leading to an irreversible agglomeration of fines.


A dry powder-like inorganic substance that prevents the treated soil from water soaking in by reducing capillarity.


Almost any kind of treated soil gets better compaction, increases desired density and bearing capacity.

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The Process

  • Blade and Till the Road
  • Moisture Prep – with CONSOLID 444
  • Distribute Solidry
  • Mix Solidry & CONSOLID 444
  • Compact
  • Measure Compaction
  • Final Product (within 1 week after compaction)

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