Debashis Sikdar, Ph.D, PE

Mr. Sikdar currently serves as Senior Geotechnical Engineer and/or technical lead for many of the company’s geotechnical projects. Much of his over 14 years of geotechnical engineering experience has been gained from working on projects in the areas of levee design and evaluation; shallow and deep foundation systems; earthworks and site development; soil improvement techniques; and landslide mitigation.

His primary experience includes the design and construction of water infrastructure, flood control, commercial, industrial, and transportation projects. He has managed and supported liquefaction potential and seismic capacity design of shallow and deep foundations; levee and floodwall design, soft soil remediation, retaining walls, slope stability, bulkhead; and landslide mitigations of rail/road embankments, oil pads, developments using soldier pile, anchored sheet pile, MSE wall, geogrid reinforced fill, geopier, lightweight fill, seepage drain, and riprap buttressing.