CR 655 Roadway Rehabilitation

Pavement and Drainage Structure Assessment
Wauchula, Florida

North Lake Park Baseball Field

CR 665 Roadway
Rehabilitation Project

Madrid CPWG was asked to assist in the design of a roadway widening and rehabilitation project near Wauchula in Hardee County, Florida. The area of proposed improvements for CR 665 was approximately 14 miles along a rural two-lane roadway and included the structural evaluation and assessment of 12 drainage structures along the alignment. The poor condition of the roadway required repair and/or replacement of the roadway plus the narrow roadway was to be widened along with other safety improvements. The purpose of the investigation was to evaluate the existing pavement section and underlying, base, subgrade and subsoil types along the alignment and to evaluate alternative widening scenarios to the drainage structures.

Madrid CPWG assessed the existing pavement and developed recommendations for pavement rehabilitation and/or reconstruction options. The field testing program included:

  • 76 pavement cores and associated hand auger borings
  • 108 hand auger borings outside of the pavement
  • 41 Standard Penetration Test (SPT) borings
  • collection and testing of 14 bulk samples for subgrade material classification and LBR value
  • collection of roadway section samples to support mix designs for alternative full-depth pavement reclamation options.

Samples were tested in our FDOT certified laboratory and our final report included:

  • Report of Core Borings
  • Roadway Soil Survey sheet
  • Summary and detailed core logs with photographs
  • Structural assessment of the various drainage structures
  • Alternative repair and rehabilitation recommendations
  • Designs and details for structure widening.

Madrid CPWG Approach

Madrid CPWG utilized rolling Maintenance-of-Traffic (MOT) operations along with a customized mobile coring trailer set up in order to speed up field testing time. Laboratory testing was completed throughout the project as samples were returned to our in-house soils lab.

Madrid CPWG Benefit

The specialized operation including custom coring operation and mobile MOT greatly accelerated field time and reduced potential safety exposure to our staff and the traveling public. We were able to collect the field and laboratory testing data well within the schedule and at the final approved budget.

Madrid CPWG evaluated the existing drainage structures, pavement sections and underlying, base, subgrade, and subsoil types along 14 miles of roadway.